It is a growing trend – add a classy touch to your image or design

Innovative and powerful tool

With cinemagraphs Your brand will gain more traction – beat your competitors

Effective at capturing and holding attention

High visibility, reach and engagement in every digital channel

Combining the best features of photo and video, static and motion elements

It is influencing – did you know that cinemagraphs are percieved more as an artistic element instead of advertising?

Easy to use and publish in various channels

Where to use Cinemagraphs

Social Media

Cinemagraphs can easily be published on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks. They help to increase reach and user engagement and build Your brand awareness.


Cinemagraphs can raise interest and capture the recipient’s attention.

Web cover

Cinemagraphs insure longer dwell time on your website.

Banner AD

Cinemagraphs are eye-catching, yet simple and clear. By creating the right context and atmosphere, they allow the message or call-to-action to stand out clearly.


Cinemagraphs are more effective than a video because it transmits the equivalent information to the consumer at any time when the ad is displayed. They are also more effective than poster beacause cinemagraphs can display way more information and tell a story at the same time.

Custom Cinemagraphs from zero

Develop an idea and creative concept

Find specific locations, decorations, actors

Arrange photo- and videoshooting

Produce cinemagpraphs in required formats

Custom Cinemagraphs from existing artwork

Cinemagraphs can also be created from existing artwork and stock materials.
We can add classy touch and motion to your images in a variety of formats
and resolutions. We can help You to:

Develop the idea

Create cinemagraphs based on your materials

or find specific artworks and stock materials

Produce cinemagraphs in required formats

About Us

Cinemagraph.ee was founded by photographer, designer and cinemagraph artist Virgo Haan in cooperation with Marketing Agency Greenholm. Our mission is to bring images to life. We create eyecatching and meaningful cinemagraphs to add noticeable value to the content of your marketing mix.

We have been working with International brands and creating cinemagraphs for companies all around the globe. In several occasions, Flixel has nonimated Virgo’s cinemagraphs as the best or among TOP5 in the world.

We are looking forward to work with You!

Creative work

tel: +372 56 500762
Mail: virgohaan@gmail.com

Project manager

tel: +372 511 8336
Mail: margus@greenholm.ee

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