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Social Media Package

Our Social Media package offers a comprehensive solution tailored to your campaign strategy. We provide specialized images and videos for social media, ensuring a consistent stream of artworks over time. With proven techniques and the latest trends, we offer full-service social media strategy and video/photo production. Clients can also choose individual services as needed.

Best efficient effects for Social Media


This is an effect where all the other aspects of the video are still, but the light is moving. It gives the viewer an element of surprise regarding what they will see in the photo.

Since the overall movement of the light is quite significant, it really catches the viewer’s eye on a social media timeline.

There is a short storyline, so viewers need to wait around 1 second to see what it is in darkness.


It’s a technique that I have been working on the most. It has a very simple idea: to combine the best parts of photos and videos into one powerful marketing tool.

It is better than photos because it includes movement that catches the viewer’s eye in an overly saturated social media feed. And it’s better than video because there’s no need to follow a story until the end.

Cinemagraphs capture viewers’ attention and tell a whole story in a single moment.

They work exceptionally well in social media campaigns and are also suitable for outdoor digital screens and shopping mall digital displays, as they quickly convey the offer to clients.

Bouncing loop

In a way, it is similar to a regular photo. Most of the elements in the frame are frozen and still, but there is a slight camera movement. The camera can move in and out, up and down, or left and right.

The main idea of this technique is, once again, to avoid having an evolving story that viewers need to follow. Instead, everything is conveyed in a single frame.

It’s a perfect effect for digital screens and social media ads.

Special effects

We offer a variety of special effects to make your videos more engaging and stand out from the timeline. These effects add an extra level of interest, capturing viewers attention and making your content visually appealing.


We blend classical videos with the latest social media trends in our production. Our goal is to balance eye-catching visuals with budget-friendly production techniques, ensuring that your content stands out without compromising your budget.


Our package offers various format sizes to cater to the different social media channels our clients use. This ensures optimal display and attractiveness across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We accommodate specific needs and preferences, enabling seamless sharing and maximum impact.

What's Included in the Package?

Since the costs depend on the specific project, it is difficult to predict them. For a final price, please contact me for a more detailed budget.

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